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Are you unhappy with our care? Please let us know! Hopefully we can find a solution to the problem together. If this is not possible, there is the complaints procedure

Discuss your complaint

If you are unhappy or if you have a complaint about a midwife, we would greatly appreciate if you discuss this with the midwife or with one of her colleagues. There could be an issue of miscommunication which can be solved with a conversation. If it is not possible to talk to us or if a discussion was not sufficient, you can place a complaint with the Complaint Commission of the KNOV. You can place a complaint with this commission also if the midwife performed the delivery at the hospital.

Complaint Commission

The Complaint Commission of the KNOV will decide on the validity of the complaint. It handles complaints independently and may make recommendations to us regarding the situation. The commission bases its work on hearing both parties and has a duty of confidentiality. It does not make judgments on liability or compensation.

Contact details:
Complaint Commission KNOV
Postbus 2001
3500 GA Utrecht
Telephone 073 – 689 18 90

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