Assistance during the first week

The time has finally come: your baby is here! Finally, you can touch your baby and look into his or her eyes. You need rest to be able to recover and adjust to the new situation. Your baby’s arrival ushers in a busy time. We and the maternity care assistant are here to help with all of this.

Postpartum visits

During the first week after the delivery we will visit you at home a number of times. The maternity care assistant will do the medical checks and help you with the baby during this first week. She is there to help you with feeding and taking care of the baby. Together with her we make sure everything progresses normally. After approximately one week after the birth our services for providing care come to an end and the family doctor and the youth health centre (aka consultatiebureau).

Postpartum care after a medical birth

We also offer postpartum services to women who were under the care of a gynaecologist during pregnancy and delivery. You are welcome to register with us during your pregnancy. Simply use our registration form on the website. Let the gynaecologist know you have registered for the postpartum period so our practice can be added to your hospital file. The hospital will inform us when you and your baby are discharged and going home.

The postpartum period: not always on cloud nine?

Unfortunately, there is often an idealised picture of the first week after the birth: there is a beautiful sweet baby, the house is all cleaned up, there is cake, and the maternity care assistant serves your visitors coffee and tea. The new mom sits proudly in bed with her new baby, shining with happiness. While this can certainly be the case, it is not a complete picture of this period.

The postpartum period is often exhausting. The first sleepless night often begins with the labour. Your new baby needs to be fed every three hours, leaving little room for sleep. While it can be difficult to catch up on sleep during the day, we advise you to get as much rest as possible. During the day you have visits not just from family and friends but also from us and the consultatiebureau. While the maternity care assistant will certainly help you, you will also need to make a conscious decision to have fewer visitors and to rest more.

The postpartum period can also an anxious and uncertain time. You still need to get to know your baby. You might feel uncertain about your breastfeeding. Bodily discomforts and hormonal changes are also common in this first week. We hope that just by being aware of this, this aspect of the postpartum period won’t blindside you. It goes without saying that we and the maternity care assistant are here to offer the necessary help!

Six-week check up

If we oversaw care during your delivery, we invite you to schedule an appointment for a six-week check-up. It’s best to meet with the midwife who supervised the birth. A few weeks after the birth call our assistant to schedule the appointment. During the check-up we will discuss your birth experience, how you are doing and we will give you information and advice about contraception and potential future pregnancies. We are very happy to also see your baby at this appointment!

If you had a medical indication during delivery, we advise you to schedule this appointment with the doctor in the hospital.