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If you are not yet pregnant but are planning to be, you and your partner are welcome to schedule an appointment during our preconception consultation hours. At your appointment the midwife will discuss becoming pregnant, being pregnant and what comes next. We take a look at your and your partner’s health and provide you with information.

A good start

Research is continuing to show how deeply important the first few weeks of pregnancy are. Several pregnancy-related problems and potentially future problems for the baby originate during the initial development of the embryo and placenta. The conditions at conception can perhaps be improved which has a positive effect on your pregnancy, birth and your and your future baby’s health

What we discuss

During the consultation we cover several topics: diet, lifestyle, illnesses, medications, work and hereditary factors. We can sometimes establish if there is an increased risk of having a child with a disorder and can also provide information about possible testing. Genetic testing of family members or future parents takes time, so if you think you might possibly need this, do not wait until you are already pregnant! We also discuss previous pregnancies (including abortions and miscarriages), psychological and/or sexual problems and your menstrual cycle. We provide information about fertility, pregnancy and a healthy lifestyle. If you have been trying to conceive for some time, the midwife will ask more about this and give further advice. At the end of the appointment you will receive informational materials so that you can look everything over again at home. We make a written report of the appointment, which can be sent to your family doctor if necessary.


If you are thinking about becoming pregnant, please fill in the questionnaire on  and bring it with you to the appointment. We can use your answers to more easily establish potential risks.


A preconception consultation costs €63,35. More and more health insurance providers cover this consultation; contact your provider for more information.

More information about getting pregnant

You can find more information about getting pregnant at and at

If you are having problems conceiving on your own, you can find more information about fertility problems on Freya‘s website and about testing and treatments on the website of the Dutch Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (Nederlandse Vereniging van Obstetrie en Gynaecologie – NVOG)

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