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As soon as you know that you’re are pregnant we are happy to schedule an appointment for an intake and early ultrasound. You do not need a referral letter from your family doctor for this. After the intake we schedule check-ups to monitor you and your baby. Besides the medical checks, we will also discuss how you are experiencing pregnancy, what questions you might have and we will provide you with any necessary information. You will meet all the midwives during check-ups so you can get to know us and develop a bond with us.

Following the intake you will receive information about an app we offer free of charge. In the app your medical file with check-ups and ultrasound photos is always available to you.

The first appointment

The first appointment, also called the intake, takes place when you are approximately eight weeks pregnant. After registering you will receive a confirmation email with a welcome letter. Please read this letter before your intake so that you know what to expect and you have important information about the pregnancy.

The intake lasts about 45 minutes. We will ask questions about your health and lifestyle and of your partner if applicable. We will also ask questions regarding family health history and any previous pregnancies.

We will provide you with information about prenatal screening, ultrasounds and postpartum assistance. We will check your blood pressure and give you a form to take to the lab for blood tests. You will also receive several informational pamphlets. In one of these, ‘Pregnant!’, you will find more information about what the blood tests check for. Naturally, there is also time for you to ask questions.

We offer everyone an early ultrasound, from eight weeks of pregnancy even without a medical indication. We call it a ‘courtesy ultrasound’ and we don’t declare it with the health insurance provider. This ultrasound is often combined with the intake.

At the end of the first appointment we will make a new appointment for you the dating ultrasound. The best time for this is between the 10 and 12 weeks of pregnancy.


Following the intake we will see you every four weeks for a check-up. From the 24th week we will see you every three weeks and from the 30th week we will see you more often, every two weeks. As delivery draws nearer after the 36th week, we like to see you every week for a check-up.

Check-ups take about 15 minutes. We will check to see how you are doing and are happy to answer any questions. We will measure your blood pressure, assess the growth of your belly and the baby’s position. We will also listen to the baby’s heartbeat with the doppler.

You will receive information about feeling the baby move, breastfeeding, location and options for childbirth, and when you need to call during labour.

At around 30 weeks of pregnancy we will request new blood tests. We offer an ultrasound at around 30 weeks to check the growth of the baby and at 36 weeks another ultrasound to determine the baby’s position. In the case of irregularities in the pregnancy or for further assessment, we will refer you to the family doctor or gynaecologist.

Baby’s heartbeat consultation

From week 13 until week 24 of your pregnancy, you are always welcome at the walk-in ‘heartbeat consultation’ hours. Does the time between appointments feel too long, and would you just like to hear your baby’s heartbeat in between check-ups? You can come by.

We offer walk-in heartbeat consultation hours on Tuesdays (location Amsterdam Buitenveldert) and Thursdays (location Amstelveen Kamillelaan) from 2:45 to 3:15pm. We kindly request that you email the assistant beforehand that you will be coming.

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