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Quality of care is our top priority. We are continuously working to provide to best possible care to our clients.

Memberships,registration and continuous professional development

All midwives in our practice are registered in the BIG-register. This registration indicates clearly that we are authorized to practice and to use the professional title of midwife


We are also registered in the KNOV’s quality register, which ensures the quality of midwives by setting minimums for continuing professional development activities, such as various trainings, skills training and methodical *intercollegial* consultation. Our care is based on the latest findings and most recent guidelines.


We are affiliated with EVAA, a partnership of midwives in the region Amsterdam and Amstelland. Joining forces together allows EVAA to pursue the best possible primary maternity care.


In order to ensure safety and improve care, we are actively involved in various discussion groups and cooperation agreements. We have regular consults with other midwives, sonographers, gynaecologists, paediatricians, post-partum care organisations, child health care and dieticians. This promotes cooperation and strengthens the health care chain for maternity care in the region.

We are part of the Partnership (VSV) with both Amstelland Hospital and Amsterdam UMC (VU medical center and AMC).

Here you will find the VSV vision on maternity care in the Amstelland region.

Client questionnaire

We are constantly examining how to improve quality of care in our practice. In addition to evaluations internally and with other health care providers, we also want to hear you opinion, needs and wishes. We send all clients a link to a questionnaire after services with us are finished. We will use this information, among other things, to keep improving our services.

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