Our team


We are (from left to right) Marloes Guntenaar, Suzanne van Bloemen, Marloes Astrid Wolbink en Nina Janssen. We look forward to welcoming you to our practice!

You will get to know us at appointments for check-ups and ultrasounds during your pregnancy. Don’t hesitate to make an appointment with a midwife you haven’t yet met. We take turns doing appointments six days a week and working 24-hour shifts seven days a week. During shifts we assist with births, make post-partum visits and are available for our clients. If you have any problems ore worries you can always call us for assistance or advice. More information about our availability can be found at Contact.


Suzanne worked as a nurse in maternity care, on the labour and delivery wards and even in Ghana. She continued her studies and became a midwife in 2006. In 2008 she joined the practice and after a time also completed the training to become a sonographer. Suzanne is a lovely midwife who always manages to maintain a sense of calm in any situation. She loves the cultural diversity in our region. In the practice she is responsible for our equipment, including the ultrasound machines, and the client questionnaire, among other things. Suzanne is also a board member of our regional screening centre SAM&. In both her professional and private life she is very driven. She is the proud mother of three beautiful daughters. While she loves to travel and cook, enjoying a nice meal with others comes in at the top of the list!

Marloes S.

Marloes has been a midwife since 2004. After her studies she gained work experience in various practice in North Holland, joining our practice in 2006. She has also completed lactation education training and sonographer training. She has a warm personality and an infectious laugh. Although social and sweet, she can be strict when it’s called for. Switching it up between on-call shifts, consults and ultrasounds is what makes this work so wonderful. In her free time Marloes enjoys being with her family including her two kids and with friends, sailing on the Loosdrechtse Plassen and loves everything to do with lifestyle and interiors.


Astrid graduated in 1995 and since then has been working in the practice. In 2008 she was the first in our practice to train as a sonographer. She is an enthusiastic midwife who would walk through fire for you if necessary. Even after all these years, attending a beautiful birth is still her favourite part of this work! Astrid’s responsibilities in the practice include the finances and scheduling, and she acts as chair for the regional midwifery group. Even in her free time she can’t keep still. Astrid has three children, enjoys running through the Amsterdamse Bos and adores discovering new places in the world with her family.

Marloes G.

Marloes has been a midwife since 2005. Before coming to the practice in 2008, she worked in Haarlem and Amsterdam. In the ensuing years she also completed the sonographer training, among others. She is a calm midwife, willing to listen and help you to give birth in the way you want. After your pregnancy you can see Marloes to have an IUD placed. She also carries out tongue-tie divisions (snipping the frenulum) for newborns when necessary. Her responsibilities include the practice’s website and finances and she is a board member of the perinatal care partnership with Amstelland Hospital. In her free time she likes to be out and about with her husband, sons, being out in nature, or having lunch with friends.


Since graduating in 2015 Nina has happily been reinforcing our team as our regular substitute. Nina jumps in when there are trainings, vacations or illnesses. Although born and raised in the Achterhoek, she has been living in Amsterdam for seven years. The variety of work to be done and challenge of each birth continue to offer an extraordinary experience. Being part of that moment when parents first welcome their child is the most beautiful thing that there is. Nina is currently training to become a sonographer. In her free time she loves to travel and go out with family and friends.


Our assistants in the practice are Saskia Smit and Astrid Johan. One of them is available at the practice each workday and is your first point of contact when calling to make an appointment or ask non-urgent questions. See our Contact page to read more about our availability.


Saskia has been working in our practice since 2016. Before coming here she worked as a manager at a day care. You can find her answering the phone and emails, managing the calendar and supporting the midwives with administrative tasks three days a week. Saskia is a great colleague, caring and able to cope with the stresses of work and therefore our great support! In her free time she enjoys working out, and loves cooking and baking with her two kids.


Astrid has been working two days a week since 2014. As she is always cheerful, helpful and flexible she is a great assistant for midwives and clients alike. Astrid enjoys spending time with her family, hiking through the woods, going to the beach and going to museums. Her passion is painting. Astrid spends the rest of her week in her studio where she works as an artist.