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Earlier we informed you about the measures we had to take to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Centering Pregnancy meetings and information evenings cannot continue in the way as it was before. Many birthing classes from others were canceled as well. We would like to inform you how you still can attend our information evening about labour and delivery online. We will also tell you which online antenatal classes are available and how you can get in touch with care providers with whom we collaborate during pregnancy.

Information evening Labour and delivery

We have chosen to offer the upcoming evening session ‘Labour and delivery’ online with a Zoom meeting. This will take place on Tuesday April 28 from 7:30 to 9:30 pm.

You’ll get lots of information and tips for the upcoming period. This is especially useful if this is your first birth in the Netherlands. You are also very welcome to join if you are expecting a second or next child and want to refresh your knowledge.

We recommend to attend this evening around 30 weeks of pregnancy. The next meeting is scheduled for June 30. If it is too late for you, please join now!

You can register by sending an email to our practice. Then you will receive an invitation with the required Zoom link no later than one day prior to the meeting. If you do not receive this, please check for spam in your mail. Otherwise please send us an email and we will try again.

Online antenatal class

If you want to prepare even better for the birth, then take a birthing class in addition to our information evening:

You can achieve this by following an online antenatal class with ‘BevalWijzer’ (Delivery Guide). This is often fully or partially reimbursed by your additional insurance. The total duration is 4.5 hours, which can be arranged at your own pace:

You can also register for an online course from ‘Rondom de Geboorte’ (Around the birth), an initiative from the Youth Health Centre in Amsterdam. Rondom de Geboorte provides antenatal classes and postnatal classes for parents of newborns:

We have good experience with antenatal coaching by Barbara Corsetto, from Practice for hypnotherapy & pregnancy counseling. She is able to guide pregnant women towards a relaxed delivery via video calling. She teaches you hypnosis exercises and sends you material, both in writing and with audio files: https://bevallen

Preparation Breastfeeding

Our information evening ‘Breastfeeding’ with lactation consultant Sanne Koeman has been canceled. To prepare yourself as well as possible for breastfeeding, you can request a presentation with information and videos from her. You will receive this after you fill in the contact form on her website:
Sanne is able to give telephone consultations when necessary.

Mensendieck Movement Therapy

When you have pelvic pain during pregnancy, you can contact mensendieck movement therapist Francis Sieverding. She gives treatments in her practice or via a video consultation with Clickdoc:

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