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As a result of the easing of measures in the country regarding the coronavirus, our professional organization, the KNOV, is allowed to expand midwifery care. We are pleased to inform you on the easing of measures in our practice, as of May 11th:

Partners are welcome

Your partner is allowed again to join at your (ultrasound scan) appointments with us and at ultrasound center SAM, taking into account you are both free of COVID-19 symptoms and your partner is 1.5 m away from the midwife/sonographer. The starting point for every contact moment remains: come alone as much as possible. We recommend to consider coming alone for a standard check-up, if there are no important topics for both of you to discuss.

Unfortunately, you are still not allowed to bring children or others.

Pregnancy check-ups at the practice

Every pregnancy check-up is offered again at the practice. We no longer schedule new consultations by phone or intakes by Zoom, unless this is at your own request.

The consultations by phone that have already been scheduled can remain as is. If you have such an appointment with us, you may now also choose to come to us at the scheduled time. You can ask our assistant by email at which location your appointment is planned.

Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to change the time or location of the appointments when they take place within two weeks. If it is not convenient for you to come to the location which was planned by us, we would like to ask you to keep your consultation appointment by phone.

Ultrasound on request

It is again allowed to perform all kinds of ultrasounds, including ultrasounds on request. An ultrasound on request is an elective ultrasound without medical indication, such as a gender scan at 15 weeks of the pregnancy, or a 3D ultrasound between 24 and 28 weeks. If you are interested, we advise you to schedule an appointment with us in time.

Extra person during your delivery

In addition to your partner, a second person (e.g. a family member, friend, birth photographer or doula) is now welcome again at the birth, at home and in a number of hospitals.

As soon as it is known whether and how Ziekenhuis Amstelland and VU medical centre ease their measures, we will post a news update on our website.

Other measures

We try to keep 1.5 m distance as much as possible and strictly adhere to the hygiene measures.

We kindly request pregnant women and their partners to wash or disinfect their hands when they arrive at the practice. In the waiting area you will find dispensers with hand sanitizer that you can use. In Buitenveldert you will find this dispenser in the consulting room.

When you have a check-up appointment, we still ask you to check in advance whether you are having symptoms of the flu/cold, or whether you may have had risk contact with an infected person. If that’s the case, don’t come to the practice. If you have an appointment with us, we request that you contact the assistant by telephone. In each situation, we will find a solution in the care you need.

We would like to ask you to keep checking our news updates via our website in the near future. When there is relevant information from our practice again, we will inform you there.

We take all measures that are necessary to provide responsible care. We hope to guide you in the safest way during this special period of your life. We appreciate your understanding.

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