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We hope you enjoy your summer!

Hereby we would like to inform you about the latest measures that we had to take in our practice, in the interest of your and our health.

Increase in corona infections in our region

Unfortunately we saw a rapid increase in the number of corona infections in our region in the past week. We advise you to be aware of this in daily life and when following the measures.

Coming together or alone to your appointment

We were pleased that we have recently been able to welcome many partners at the (ultrasound) appointments. We noticed that our earlier advice, to come alone to the standard checks as much as possible, was not noticed by everyone. We request that you come together to an appointment only when there are details for both of you to discuss, for example when discussing a birth plan. Partners are welcome at ultrasound scan appointments (taking into account you are both free of COVID-19 symptoms and your partner keeps 1.5 m distance from the midwife/sonographer).

At our location on the Molenweg it is currently not allowed to come together at all, because of the regulations at that location.

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to bring children or others. They can watch via FaceTime if desired. If it is not possible to arrange a babysitter, a child can come along as long as it can remain seated in a chair or secured into a stroller. It is not allowed for children to walk around in the waiting and consultation room.

We try to keep 1.5 metres distance as much as possible

We try to keep 1.5 metres distance during your appointment. Obviously, this is difficult during the check-up and ultrasound scans, but during conversations this is possible. We applied lines in the consultation rooms. The partner who is watching an ultrasound is also requested to remain behind the line. We kindly request you to respect the 1.5 metres distance.

Return from abroad

When you arrived in the Netherlands after visiting a country with ‘code orange’, you are strongly advised to self-quarantine for 14 days before you are allowed to come to our practice. On the website you can check whether the country where you stayed was given a ‘code orange’ during your stay.
Please contact the assistant by telephone if you have any questions or problems.

Giving birth in the hospital

When giving birth, only partners are welcome in the hospitals Ziekenhuis Amstelland and VU medical center, no other second person. In Ziekenhuis Amstelland only a doula is allowed to support you as second person at the birth.

Maternity period and visits

During the first week after the delivery we will come for one postpartum visit once, if desired. Our postpartum visits are kept to a minimum; we will provide our care by telephone, by FaceTime or by Zoom as much as possible. We will ask you what you prefer.

We advise you not to welcome lots of people during the first maternity weeks. We give this advise for your own safety, and for that of the maternity nurse as well. The maternity nurse will use the advice and protocols of her maternity care organization.

Last but not least…

We kindly request you to wash or disinfect your hands when you arrive at the practice. In the waiting area you will find dispensers with hand sanitizer that you can use. In Buitenveldert you will find a dispenser in the consulting room.

We request you not to come to the practice if you have a fever, flu or any (also very mild) form of a cold, or if you have had contact with someone with COVID-19. If you have an appointment with us, please contact us by phone, even if this situation occurs on that day.

Do you have any questions about the coronavirus? Visit the RIVM website, or call 0800-1351.

We would like to ask you to keep checking our news updates via our website in the near future. When there is relevant information from our practice again, we will inform you here.



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