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The most important measures people can take to prevent the spread of the coronavirus are straightforward. These measures apply to all viruses that can cause flu and colds:
Wash your hands with soap regularly
Cough and sneeze on the inside of your elbow
Use paper handkerchiefs
It is not recommended to shake hands

Should a pregnant woman be extra worried?
No. The infection with the new coronavirus has the same course in pregnant women as in women who are not pregnant. As far as is known, there is no increased risk of miscarriage or birth defects due to infection with this virus.

Is the Coronavirus transferable to the unborn baby during pregnancy?
A small-scale study of nine pregnant women with COVID-19 appeared in the medical journal The Lancet. The amniotic fluid, breastfeeding and the blood in the umbilical cord were also tested. The most important preliminary conclusion is that it seems that the virus is not transmissible in the abdomen (no vertical transmission).

What is the risk of the virus for newborn babies?
The fact that COVID-19 is probably not transferable via the umbilical cord does not mean that newborn babies cannot get sick. This is because the disease can be transmitted through physical contact. Hygiene measures are important here.

Advice regarding maternity visit?
It is important that the maternity visit also adheres to the hygiene measures.

Are you ill?
Do notcome to the practice with the following complaints:

Fever (at least 38 degrees Celsius) and at least one of the following symptoms: cough, shortness of breath
The complaints arose within 14 days after returning from an area where COVID-19 is widespread (such as China, South-Korea, and some municipalities in Italy)
The complaints originated within 14 days after contact with a patient with a confirmed COVID-19 infection.
Report your complaints by telephone to the doctor. The general practitioner has a duty to report to the GGD. The GGD will make a home visit to do diagnostics.

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