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We would like to give you an update on the measures taken in obstetric care in our region, regarding the coronavirus. The various national organizations, including our professional organization the KNOV, and the hospitals, have made adjustments and have tightened up the policy. We follow these closely. The most important things:

– Several locations of the Atalmedial laboratories are temporarily closed. The laboratory in Amstelland Hospital is closed. You can go for the NIPT or GTT (glucose tolerance test) to the location Jan Tooropstraat 138, in Amsterdam. Which locations are open may differ per day and the information on the Atalmedial website is not up to date. We advise you to check where you can go the day before your visit, by calling 0880037735

– The appointments for necessary medical ultrasounds will continue, including the 20-week screening ultrasound at ultrasound center SAM. Here, as well, only the pregnant woman is welcome.

– We keep asking you not to come to the practice if you have the flu or a cold, or if you may have had contact with an infected person. If you have an appointment with us, we request that you contact the assistant by telephone or email.

– We advise you to consider postponing the 22 weeks whooping cough injection for some time. You can get the vaccination from the 22nd week until the end of your pregnancy. Vaccination a few weeks later does not compromise timely and adequate protection.

– When you are at the consultation hour from 35 weeks onwards, we will give you a printed version of your pregnancy card. This way, every care provider can view your medical data if this is necessary. We ask you to take this card with you to every appointment in the hospital and during the delivery.

– Only your partner is welcome with the delivery at home or in the hospital. The extra person, who was welcome previously, has been canceled. Unfortunately, this also applies to a birth photographer or doula.

– If a medical indication arises during childbirth, we may not always come with you to the hospital. In that case we will guide you to the door of the hospital if desired. We will then hand over the care to the gynecologist by telephone.

– A bath delivery is now only possible when you are healthy, without signs of a cold, illness or fever. If this is the case, this increases the risk of contamination of the care provider and it is therefore not allowed.

– We previously discouraged maternity visits. Now we urge you not to receive a visit during the first maternity weeks. This measure is for your own safety, and for that of the maternity nurse as well. If you do receive visitors, the maternity nurse will leave.

We would like to ask you to keep an eye on our news updates via our website in the near future, under ‘news’.

All measures are aimed at minimizing the risk of contamination for care providers and clients. The caregivers are important in the care of pregnant women and their unborn child. We hope for your understanding.

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